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Imagination / visualisation for dummies. Well, all of us.

Visualisation doesn’t have to be visual.
It’s another word for deeply imagining something.
You might be more wired to other sense, kinesthetic (touch / feel) or audio.

– I’ve never seen ‘audio-alisation’ written down before, but as it happens, for most of my life I couldn’t SEE images in my head with any real clarity, but I could remember and create sounds in my imagination in a lot of depth and detail.
(These days my visual, audio and kinesthetic imagination are all pretty good, you can get better at all of them!)

So figure out where your natural comfort zone is, are you mainly visual, aural or do you remember how things feel really well. (Kinesthetic.)
To figure yourself out, just try remembering a good time, something fun, which aspects come to you most easily?
Do you remember still images, something more like a film, people’s voices, other sounds, how you felt at the time, how the chair you were sitting on felt?

Try ‘visualising’ (leading with which ever sense comes most naturally) a fun scenario that hasn’t taken place YET.
Create the scene.
Now exaggerate the various aspects, make the sounds louder, turn the colours up brighter. Make the film run in double speed, deepen and turn up the feelings.
Imagine a dial to the right of the picture, use it to manipulate these different parts of the ‘scene’.

– this idea is from NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming.)
They call the various aspects ‘SUBMODALITIES’

Visualising, as opposed to just remembering, is a creative activity that’s really important.
It allows to construct ideas for a our future not just based on our past experience.


Taking a break

What would an incredible day off look like for you?
A date you put on your diary with the promise of not doing or worrying or even thinking about work or ANY of the challenges you might be facing.
This is personal!

What would you do to be sure you had a whole day’s re charge?

Would you sleep in a bit?
Go for a walk?
Get a coffee?
… with a close friend?

Laugh alot?
Sit in the park and read?
Eat your favourite food?

How can you ensure you have a great day?
Maybe your phone gets turned off until after lunch, so at least you can start the day without interference.

Imagine what it would be like?
Now pick a day soon to do it!
Give yourself a boost!




I’m not sure if its the recently much better weather (im writing this in March, after three days of not having to wear my ‘big coat’), or the fact that I’ve been meditating a lot recently, but the last couple of days I’ve really felt the power of a slow, deep breath.

I’ve read and heard it said many times, but it’s only the last few days I’ve really noticed enjoying it.

Take five or so mins, close your eyes and just notice your breathing.
Don’t try and control it, just notice it.

As you breathe in, say to your self
‘Deep breath in’

Then, ‘holding’ or ‘waiting’

Then ‘breathing out’.

Then ‘resting’.

Try it. Can you find the comfort in a deep breath?

If not, just keep doing it.
The noticing, and the breathing…



Build an ideas factory

Where do you go to do your work?
In the summer its easy, I goto the park, sit by the river, or even go to the beach.

The rest of the year, why not go to that place where you’re ON FIRE creatively in your own mind.
Deeply imagine being somewhere you feel really comfortable, excited, creative, relaxed.
– Whatever and wherever you like. You don’t have to have been there before, make something up, or remember somewhere from your past.

What can you see?
What can you hear?
What can you feel physically? (What are you sitting / laying on?)
How does it feel inside?
Is anyone else there?

TURN UP THE SENSATIONS. Imagine a dial for each sense (or submodality if you’re into NLP), turn it way up.

Now, imagine what it would be like to be furiously scrawling ideas, writing, composing, performing, practicing, whatever you like. Whatever you do.
Talk to the other people in your imaginary scene, if there are any, maybe they can help…

Slowly come out of it, sit up…
… and get creating.