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Hi everyone,

A number of people (1-1 clients and course attendees) had mentioned how helpful it was having someone else talking them through the  various relaxation exercises I suggest in my training / coaching sessions. To help with that I’m just putting together some free videos for you, an introduction then one video for each of the relaxation techniques in my E-book. (If you haven’t got a copy, you can get one now by signing up to my mailing list HERE.)

I’ll be sending the videos out to subscribers soon, so please make sure you’re signed up if you’d like access.

Hope everyone’s having a great week.



Some ways to kick start or improve staff wellbeing

Here are some ideas for improving staff wellbeing in schools, or any institution really. They’re just little prompts I can go into more details about later if people would like more thoughts. Some you might already do, some might not be for you.

Acknowledge it’s important.

Say it to yourself, say it to your colleagues. My wellbeing is important. Your wellbeing is important.

Take responsibility. You are responsible. Response – able. Able to make a response.

(With thanks to Stephen R Covey and his ‘7 Habits’ materials.)

There are things you can do now, without help or permission. Take 5 mins to do a breathing exercise at the start of the day. Watch 5 mins of your favourite comedian on youtube. Experiment, find something small that works, do it everyday.

Set up a Staff Wellbeing group that meets regularly.

Make the meetings something people look forward to. Begin with the end in mind. (Thanks again to Stephen R Covey, google him!) The meetings should leave people feeling better for having attended.

Talk to each other. Check in.

All staff. It’s not an excuse to whine! Listen to each other. But know any conversation should come around to positive action. Make pro-actively dealing with challenges part of the culture. (If it’s not already…)

Get together with the wider community and and the wider TEACHING community. 

Don’t limit conversations just to your school. All schools and staff are facing these challenges. What could we achieve working with friends and colleagues from neighbouring schools?

Plan fun things. Individually and as an institution. Put fun on your to-do list.

Socialising is important for most people. If things are tough, make sure you have regular lights at the end (or even better, in the middle) of the tunnel.

Think about your habits and rituals.

What direction are they taking you in? Do your current habits support your current goals, or the way you would like things to be in the future.


– As I said at the start, just some prompts to point our brains in a wellbeing direction. Have a great week.

John Blackburn

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“Easy to do, easy not to do!” – with thanks to Jim Rohn

The above is one of my favourite Jim Rohn-isms. (Jim Rohn was a well regarded American speaker, search for him on youtube!)

That sentiment was in my mind this week as I had the privilege of sending out about 600 copies of my Relaxation techniques E-book to teachers across the UK and beyond. Thank you to everyone that expressed an interest and good luck!

I remember a year 9 drum kit student I taught a few years ago. You’ll probably recognise this kind of story in some of your own students if you’re a teacher. He was extremely bright, played several other instruments, but he had a really limiting attitude / belief that it was enough just to intellectually understand something, so he didn’t practice. He’d stop once he’d figured out how it worked. He never ingrained good practice habits. Its not enough to do that. As we all know, you have to do the ritual, the habit, the activity…

… IF you want the benefit… and you do want the benefit.

Taking 5 minutes at the start of our day, to relax and put ourselves in the state of mind where we are at our most resourceful is easy to do. It’s also easy not to do it.

I really hope as many people as possible will take the time not just to read the ideas and methods in the book but to pick one and do it, and do the same tomorrow…

If you’d like a copy of the E-book, just head to SIGN UP to my mailing list. If you have any questions, drop me an EMAIL.

P.S. Here are some blogs I’ve written about developing habits, and the importance of feeling ok, and why I think you should start any activity with the feeling you want at the end!