Mailing list fail.

Hi everyone, hope you’re having a productive day!
I got an email from MailChimp who I had been using to run my mailing list saying they had de-activated my account, followed by a short string of reasons why they couldn’t re-activate it, so I’ll be resolving that this week most likely with a new company, I don’t think I’ll loose anyone in the transition, as had downloaded an upto date list, but if you don’y hear from me via email over the weekend, please email at and I’ll make sure you’re on the list!

Have a great day!

Sugar free

So I’ve been following a sugar and indeed largely ‘carb’ free diet for about three weeks now. A ‘ketogenic’ diet. And following it I have been. No slips (that I’m aware of) so far. Basically keeping total carb (inc sugar) intake under 20g per day. Lots of fat. Some protein.
Been listening alot to the ‘2ketodudes’ and ‘ketofor ormies’ pod casts to help me out. Have a listen!
I’ve also got to thank regular inspiration Jack black of Mindstore for posting about the benefits he’s found through it on his facebook page, thats what helped me decide to actually do it.

At the moment my trousers are deffo looser than they were, I’m mot getting hungry and I’m sleeping better.
Im also missing my Costa mocha and any fun food. Where fun = bread.
In recent years I thought I was pretty free from any kind of emotional eating. Turns out I was not!
Plenty of sugar cravings (although it subsides quickly) and feelings of dissatisfsction (which sticks around a little longer) though.

I’ve planned to do it for 2 months before I weigh myself.
Will up date any spectacular results here.



Every time we’re offered an opportunity, however attractive it is or isn’t, we should look to see how it fits in with our priorities.
We could also re-examine all of our current activities under the microscope of our priorities and goals / values.

So think about what your goals are, think about your internal values.

Now look at all the stuff you regularly.
Write it out.

Are there anythings you could stop doing to make room, and energy, for things you REALLY want to do?

Our priorities change over time, our values can change, but usually less regularly, but periodic examination of activities is really useful.

Paying attention

Some questions to consider:

What are you paying attention to now? You’re reading this, but is your mind somewhere else?
Where is your attention most often?
How much is your attention on your real interests?
What ARE your real interests?

When you work / play / eat / rest / socialise, are you ‘all there?’

Do you pay attention to your body and its signals when you’re eating?
When you notice feeling tired, do you sleep? Or do you fight to stay awake and watch ‘one more episode..?’

Do you pay attention to what your paying attention to? Maybe start here, just notice, non-judgementally. Awareness is a good first step towards change.

School INSET training

A few schools have contacted me since I posted my upcoming event for teachers on the 15th March 2018 asking about costs for INSET training. Please see below for prices as of 26/2/18.

After school ‘staff meeting’
(1.5 hours)

Half day
(3 hours)

Full day
(2x 3 hour sessions)

One-to-one consultations
£75 per hour

Prices quoted are for schools / organisations within 1.5 hours travel of London, please feel free to email with any questions or to make a booking.

Update and event news!

Hi Folks,

After gaining my Licensed Practitioner of NLP qualification in October last year (2017) I’ve been enjoying the opportunity to work one-to-one with a few people in a coaching type relationship. I’ve also decided to start running some events sharing the kinds of ideas I talk about here in the blog.

The first event is for teachers and will be on the evening of 15th March 2018, in East London.
This event is limited to 25 places.
Full event details and tickets can be found HERE.

There will be a similar course aimed specifically at performers and creatives in the very near future, please sign up for the mailing list or drop me an email to be kept upto date, or if you have any questions.
Hope everyone is making a brilliant start to 2018!


Can you be specific?

- What EXACTLY do you need more information about?

- What EXACTLY are you afraid of?
(You might have to ask ‘why’ more than once.)

- What skills EXACTLY do you require that you don’t have/need to develop?

It’s not enough, and it’s not useful to say “I can’t do this” or “this isn’t working” unless ‘this’ is well defined.

“My show isn’t working.”
You mean not enough tickets were sold or there wasn’t a good response from the people that were there?
How are you measuring these things? Do you/does everyone involved know what ‘working’ would look like?
Is that possible in this context?
Are other people doing it?
Who? How?

Be specific. Anything else is just whinging, which is allowed too but isn’t helpful to you or to those with whom you work.

(edited 13/2/18 – with thanks to Shane Hampsheir.)

What IS working?

Many, although not all, of us are quite aware of our shortcomings and areas for improvement.
Why not take a break from that and think about what IS working?

What are you already doing that works?
Make a list, be as specific or as general as you like.
Come up with 5 things that are working.

For example,

Im eating healthily
I am working
Im writing
Im staying positive
Im reading and learning everyday
I make the most of time with friends

… anything counts.

If this is challenging, try the question when DO I FEEL ‘GOOD’.
Or productive, resourceful, competent.

Pick one of the things / areas that is working for you, whether its personal, work, leisure, whatever. Pick one thing.

Take a moment to imagine doing it right now, notice what pictures / sounds come to mind.
Get inside the picture if you can, what would you actually see, hear and feel if you were doing it now?

Notice WHAT you think about – previous examples / current / future.
And HOW you think about them – pictures, ‘movies’, voices, feelings.
Do you describe the activity / thing to yourself?
Do you hear your own voice?

Can you imagine turning up the intensity of the sounds / colours / feelings?
How does that feel?


The joy of… Flyering.

Flyering / promo…

A lot of people don’t think about ‘selling’ what they do as being part of what they do.
- and in a lot of circumstances, you might be right.
However, up here at the Edinburgh fringe, part of the ‘deal’ when you’re cast / hired is usually some time spent promoting the thing you’re doing.

Heres some things to ponder that might make it more fun, and certainly worthwhile.

Quick thoughts:

You are good enough.
Your work is good enough.
Lots of people MIGHT want to see it.
Some people WILL want to see it.

Why would you deprive people who might enjoy it from hearing about it?

A show for EVERYONE is a show for NO ONE. – stop pretending.

If its not for them, thats ok, you’re interested in the people it IS for.
… and they’re waiting to hear from you.

A longer thought:

Before you get out there ‘in the field’, take time to decide and think about how you’d LIKE to feel about the flyering experience.

What would it be like if you were relaxed, excited, passionate, certain, focussed, happy, confident, enthused?!

Think about when you have felt like that.
Imagine feeling like that now.
Now imagine you promoting your work, feeling how you want to feel. Super charge the feeling, turn it up, make pictures brighter, sounds louder.
Can you give it a powerful sound track?

Do this quickly every now and then whilst you’re out. You don’t actually need to close your eyes, but its useful when your first finding the feelings / images / sounds you want.

How long can you maintain the good feeling for? Practice!

You might be spending more time out flyering than performing, why not spend some time making sure its as nice an experience as possible?

Hopefully something in here was helpful.

… and lastly, im sorry i have no suggestions for dealing with bad weather. ;-)

What am I avoiding now?


What am I avoiding right now?
Heres a personal list:

- writing this blog…

- writing a longer blog on something i started sketching out yesterday.

- checking my bank balance.

- this evenings meditation.

- reading my book.

- working on a new music thing for later in the year.

- getting out there and enjoying more of the festival.

- getting proper rest!


Sometimes writing it down helps me to realise, actually, i can DO, and enjoy, all of these things right now. Well, almost all.

Whats on your list? Would it feel good to do something on there right now?
Would you feel good later if you did one of the things now?